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Consolidated and dedicated services

  • Dry Van
  • Refrigerated trailer
  • Hopper trailer
  • Platforms
  • Thortons
  • Intermodal / Multimodal
  • Import / Export
  • National distribution
  • Cross border
  • Ports
  • Cross dock
  • Door-to-door

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Grupo MyM, Egoba, AFN, Grupo SID, Redpack, El Bisonte y Traxporta

Logistics Integrations - 4pl

We offer integral solutions throughout the whole supply chain.

  • Ground Services
  • Control Tower
  • Networks consultancy
  • Integration of logistics solutions for e-commerce
  • Land, air and sea administration services
  • National Distribution
  • Imports and exports
  • Consolidated service
  • Door to door services
  • Specialized services

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Traxión Logistics, AFN y Traxporta

Warehousing services

We currently operate about 445,735 sqm in warehouse facilities.

  • Dedicated storage
  • Shared warehouses
  • Cross-dock
  • Inventory management
  • Inbound / Outbound
  • Finished goods and raw materials
  • Bonded warehouse
  • Export shipments
  • Reverse logistic
  • Automated sorter picking
  • Radiofrequency and voice-picking
  • Co-packing and value-added services:
    • Labeling
    • Product assembly
    • POP materials
    • Shrink-wrapped and sealed processes

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Grupo SID

Logistics systems

In-house solutions in software and top technology.

wms Warehouse Management System

We perform an efficient warehouse managment by integrating interfaces into our customers´ logistic operation.

tms Transport Management System

Our transportation systems allow us to meet the logistics and administrative needs of each customer during the whole cycle of their product transportation providing at all times visibility of their products.

yms Yard Management System

Our logistics systems allow yard management, comprehensive to the rest of operative solutions.

cms Control Tower System

Control tower is a tool that helps you to manage your travels and transporters.

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Grupo SID y Traxporta

Messaging and Packaging

We offer last mile delivery services with more than 190 points of sale and nationwide presence.

  • Messaging and Packaging
  • Pickup and delivery options
  • Document return service
  • Tracking
  • National and international shipments
  • Guarantees and shipping insurance
  • Preparation and packaging

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Personnel and student transportation

Leaders in the personnel and student transportation, with more than 5,000 units.

Our priorities are the security and safety of our passengers and the service to our final customers.

  • Safety
  • Travel accident insurance.
  • Private radio or cellular network
  • Satellite tracking system gps
  • Driving culture & zero accidents program.
  • Company recognized by sct for the quality of its training process
  • Customer service:
    • Dedicated structure for our customers
    • kpi metrics: billing, surveys, route modification, efficiencies, costs, complaints, service portfolio

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Special services

We offer rental services of buses and vans for any type of event.

We offer transportation services for corporate events, tourism and special events.

  • Company services

    • Conventions
    • Conferences
    • Corporate events
    • Celebrations
  • School services

    • Tours
    • Field trips
    • Summer camps
  • Promotion agencies

    • Travels
    • Excursions

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Passengers transportation

Mobile app addressed to the collaboration of shared transportation through pre-established routes.

Our model allows to control routes, trips, access, payments, pre-payments, memberships and invoices in different modalities of public, private and mixed trip.

  • Vans equipped with WiFi service and USB ports
  • Access and capacity control system
  • Planning and route optimization
  • Strict hygiene protocols and constant sanitization
  • Tracking and monitoring tools

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With more than 70 years of experience, we offer national and international moving services.

We provide a wide variety of coverage and property insurance along with a specialized service of packing and unpacking.

In international moving we coordinate all documentation and procedures.

We cover the following types of furniture moving:

  • Integral
  • Corporate
  • National
  • International
  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Specialized maneuvers
  • More than 20 branches
  • Four types of units
  • Specialized packaging

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Grupo MyM


We are the ideal vehicle to take your message to the right audience. We have extensive advertising solutions such as:

  • Media
    • More than 5,200 student and personnel transportation buses with 15 hours of daily exposure.
    • More than 2,500 billboards (Media Furnitures) with presence in more than 325 educational institutions.
    • Segmentation and stratification by zones / routes.
  • btl campaigns.
  • Printing with integral solutions:
    • Vehicle labeling.
    • Exhibitions and expos' activation.
    • Stores apparels decoration.
    • Large format printing.

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Privacy Notice


Identity and address of the party responsible for the processing of your personal data.

Grupo Traxión, S.A.B. de C.V. (hereinafter referred to as the “Responsible Party”), is responsible for collecting your personal data, the treatment afforded to same and its protection.

Contact information of the Responsible Party:

  • Adress: Avenida Paseo de la Reforma 115 piso 17, colonia Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City, México, C.P. 11000.
  • Email:
  • Telephone: (55)5046 7900.
Purposes of the processing of personal data.

The personal data we collect from you will be used for the following purposes that are necessary for the service you request:

  • Comply with the legal relationship, legal or authority requirements.
  • Respond to requests for commercial, investment and public relations information, as well as provide requested information.
  • Register you in our database.
  • Maintain contact for client services, assistance and advice on the legal relationship with the Responsible Party.
  • Improve client services.
  • Verify identity, background and compliance with legal obligations.
  • Enter into the corresponding contracts for the formalization of acts with the Data Subject, as well as the necessary ancillary legal instruments.
  • Address issues related to legal procedures.
  • Conduct research and development for testing, analysis, product development and automatic learning to improve your experience.
  • Send commercial communications in order to inform you about changes to our terms and conditions, services or policies or to send other communications that are not intended to market the services.

Additionally, we will use your personal information for the following purposes that are not necessary for the requested service, but that allow and facilitate a better service:

  • Send marketing communications of services or products by the responsible party.
  • Invite you to events related to the activities of the Responsible party.
Personal data we collect.

We may collect your personal data for the aforementioned purposes in different ways: when you provide it to us directly, or by obtaining it indirectly, through other sources that are permitted by the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Parties (the “Law” or “LFPDPPP”) and/or its Regulations (the “Regulations”).

  • Full name.
  • E-mail.
  • Telephone numbers.
  • Tax ID (RFC).
  • Sole Population Code (CURP).
  • Complete address.
  • Country of residence.
  • Date of birth.
  • Place of birth.
  • Country of Birth.
  • Nationality.
  • Activity, occupation or profession.
  • Official and valid ID data (voter’s ID, license or valid passport).
  • Marital status, if applicable.
  • Opinion of compliance with tax obligations issued by SAT, if applicable.
  • Opinion of compliance with obligations issued by IMSS, if applicable.
  • Opinion of compliance with obligations issued by INFONAVIT, if applicable.
  • Signature.
Sensitive personal, financial and property data we collect.

Grupo Traxion, S.A.B. de C.V. does not collect confidential personal data categorized as “sensitive”.

Transfers/remissions of personal data within Mexico and abroad.

Your personal data may be transferred/transmitted and processed inside and outside the country, to authorities, subsidiaries and/or affiliates of the Responsible Party.

Las citadas transferencias/remisiones se llevarán a cabo de la siguiente forma:

Transfer/Remission Receiver Country Purpose
Referral Law Firms. de Abogados. Mexico Collections.
Referral Public Notaries. México Certification of Facts.
Referral Third Party Service Providers Mexico For compliance with legal obligations acquired by Traxión Group or by any of its affiliated and subsidiary companies.
Transfer Business Partners. Mexico With which Grupo Traxión or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates, carry out agreements or contracts focused on the development and commercialization of new products and/or services for the benefit of the Data Subject.
Transfer Controlling companies, subsidiaries or affiliates under the common control of the Responsible Party, or to a parent company or to any company of the same Group. Mexico Send marketing communications of services or products by the Responsible Party.

For further information regarding the recipients and purposes of the aforementioned transfers/referrals, please contact the Responsible Party at the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses indicated above.

Means to exercise the rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation or Opposition (ARCO) AND/OR REVOCATION OF CONSENT.

As a mechanism for the exercise of such rights, as well as to revoke your consent for the processing of your personal data have been implemented through the submittal of the respective request with the Responsible Party, either personally at the address thereof or by sending an e-mail to the previously indicated e-mail.

For further information regarding the procedure for exercising rights and/or revocation of consent, such as deadlines or when admissible, please contact us via email, phone and email as mentioned above.

Choices and means to limit the use or disclosure of personal data.

You may limit the use and disclosure of your personal information by contacting the Responsible Party, at the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses indicated above, to determine whether we can agree to your request in terms of the LFPDPPP and its Regulations, by virtue of the business relationship you have with the Responsible Party.

Modifications to the privacy notice.

You may modify or update this Privacy Notice, as you deem appropriate, from time to time. You will be able to consult its updated version on the Internet at the Site, or you may request it at any time to the e-mail address set forth in the previous section.

Uso de Cookies y Web Beacons.

We inform you that we use cookies and web beacons to obtain personal information from you, so we inform you that on our website we collect personal data through the use of cookies to obtain personal information from you, such as the following:

  • Your browser type and operating system.
  • The Internet pages you visit.
  • The following links.
  • The IP address.
  • The site you visited before entering our site.

The Data Subject agrees with this Privacy Notice and gives his/her consent for the processing of his/her personal data.


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